Really an amazing reading

Debuting in the world of book authors isn’t an easy task, but when done this well, surely things are off to a good start!

Born a Viking: Blót is the first instalment of a saga that promises to bring us back to the times of the Vikings, following the path of young Sigurd and seeing him grow and discover this world himself.
A historical novel that, thanks to those “fantasy” additions due to the mysticism, folklore and religion of the people we are going to read about, gets that extra push to become memorable without feeling unreal.

It shows that there has been a lot of research to bring out the most realistic details of the Vikings’ culture, and things get even better when paired with the incredible descriptions of the places and the moments. It is really well written and makes the reader live every moment of it. Likewise, it was so cool, and it immediately got me into it.

The author also decided to use a really intelligent way to both introduce us to this world and keep us with bated breath on some of the most crucial moments: by making us live everything from the point of view of the young Sigurd. Sigurd is still quite young, and so he doesn’t know much about the society he lives in, giving us the possibility to discover everything with him.

The cast of characters is also really nice, and you will find yourself glued to the pages when they are going to face their most adverse or important moments.
The fights here are also amazing, and the more the books go on, the more we will find ourselves drawn into the book by them, and we won’t be able to put it down as we will have to know how things will turn out!

It was really an amazing reading, and I’m quite glad that I was contacted directly by the author to review it! I hope we will have the next book coming soon, as this first one was epic, and I’m craving more adventures with Sigurd and the Twelve!

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