Born a Viking: Berserkr

Born a Viking: Berserk Book cover

Treachery, survival, tragedy, sacrifice. Sigurd Eiriksson has learnt the meaning of these words in the cruellest and fastest ways during his incredible journey in Born a Viking: Blót. But hope is still possible.

In this second instalment of the Born a Viking saga, the boy and his family will have to face the might of King Orm, the ruthless tyrant. If they hope to survive, undesirable allegiances will need to be forged, and sacrifices will need to be made.

Venturing through insurmountable mountains, raiding foreign land and travelling throughout Scandinavia are some of the deeds that need to be done to have a remote chance of defeating the most tyrannical ruler Scandinavia has ever known. But, will it be enough?

Are The Twelve doomed to be forgotten amongst the legends of the past? Will Sigurd ever fulfil his destiny?

Journey through a tumultuous Viking Age Scandinavia in a breathtaking, action-packed and unputdownable adventure.

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